How to get live followers on Instagram? Instructions for beginners

900 million active users go to Instagram every day, like, subscribe and buy. So that you understand the scale: there are 146 million people living in Russia. Large and small businesses come to Instagram, everyone wants to gain subscribers for an account and start earning.

I already told you how to properly start a blog on Instagram, now let’s figure out what are the ways to attract subscribers to this very blog. And here you can know how to get 10k instagram followers for $10

Is it realistic to get subscribers for free?

It is quite possible to advance yourself, but you will spend a lot of time and effort. Mass following, massliking, hashtags are popular ways to promote at the dawn of Instagram development. Three years ago, there were enough beautiful photos and a connected service that follows people, and they subscribe in return.

In 2019, free promotion methods are not as effective as Instagrammers would like. Every day, three to five shops, showrooms, smmschikov subscribe to the accounts of ordinary people. Users are used to it, but I would say that these schemes are rejected by ordinary people.

Attracting live readers on Instagram

Let’s make an agreement on the shore — we are gaining subscribers WITHOUT CIRCUIT. I am totally against this method. You can create the appearance of activity by winding up likes and readers, but there will be no sales in such an account. Comments, by the way, too.

Take attractive photos, write posts that are interesting to the target audience, swing the activity in the comments. Content is why it’s worth subscribing to a blog.

Put yourself in the shoes of new readers. If, while reading the posts, your jaw clenches with a yawn … If you look at the visual tape, you want to escape … Then you are clearly doing something wrong.

To gain followers on Instagram, first work on the content.

9 ways to get your first 1000 subscribers

1. Mutual PR, joint action with other Instagrammers.

Find accounts in which the target audience hangs out and negotiate mutual PR. In addition, you can broadcast live, exchange guest posts, and share Stories.

If you have 300 subscribers, there is no point in negotiating a VP with a 15K account. Mutual publicity should be of interest to both parties.

2. Marathons on Instagram.

Bloggers run free marathons — this is a great opportunity to learn new things and meet someone for cooperation. Participate in marathons, communicate with others, negotiate moves.

3. Activity of large bloggers.

Bloggers who write about Instagram publish fees for VP, mutual comments, like times and other interactions. Join the activities. And also leave interesting and clever comments under the posts of major bloggers to be remembered by the readers.

4. Advertising from bloggers.

A great way with its pitfalls. Trust me, you can get advertised if you make a really cool service, product, or your content is admired.

5. Targeted advertising.

Yes, yes, I can directly hear indignation: «Zarina, but I heard / read / one grandmother said, if there are less than a thousand subscribers, people will not subscribe.»

Trust me, people won’t subscribe if the content is shit. And if you find yourself in the pain of the target audience with your content, it doesn’t matter how many readers you have. Target is a good solution for introverts and for those who do not have time for other activities. Yes, you may spend more money, but you will quickly come to the cherished 1000 readers.

6. Reels.

Take off the reels! First, don’t be afraid. Everyone starts somewhere, the main thing is to start acting. Reels are great for recipes, advice, before / after, humor, dancing. Choose a trend, adapt it to your niche, remove it, write hashtags and collect free traffic to your account. Secondly, read my article about reels on Instagram, there you will find a lot of practical tips and examples of reels design.

7. Other sources.

If you have a website, mailing list, group in another social. networks — transfer readers to Instagram.

8. Other social networks.

If none of this is there, post a post on your personal pages with a link to your Instagram account. Ask friends for support, let them subscribe to your account and be active.

9. Help from friends.

Ask around, maybe someone has a subscriber base and you can send out a newsletter about your profile. Think about what other traffic sources you can use to increase your subscribers?